Friday, January 18, 2008

End Of The World

Hello this is Piritta!         ( me singing End Of The World on tuesday)

The first single from the new album is now ready! It´s called End Of The World and it will be out in the end of February! We´re also shooting a video for it before that.Jipii! It is quite a rocky piece of Manzana, but good. Tells about getting enough of being treated like and idiot. Some girl revenge stuff on the way.... =) I hope you guys are gonna like it!

Henkka called me tuesday morning from Akun Tehdas, that I still have to come a change something for the song. He´s been quite tough on us in the studio lately, so I was a bit worried. So I drove up there, sang the line and came home. Wednesday nite my skype told me to receive the mixed MP3 of the song. Fast delivery! Now we have to start working on the video stuff. We have a director and the idea already and the label boys are working on it.The hardest part for me is........ok, I say it , even tough it might ruin my rock- credibility, not that I´m sure if I´ve had any to begin with , so maybe it doesn´t matter, I say it. Hardest part is to decide WHAT TO WEAR on the video. 

Come on . Really.


; )


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