Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Sunday 4. 11, Copenhagen

Driving across Sweden, sleeping. The big lakes are beautiful. I'm still sick. In the night, Copenhagen, Our hotel is on Istegade, the local Rocky Street, and in five minutes we´ve seen quite a lot .But the hotel is clean, no complains about that. Everyone is hungry, and we go to a Spanish restaurant. The owner sells us Tapas menus very quickly. "What the hell is Tapas? " says most of us, but there is no return anymore. The dish keeps coming and coming. And everyone hates it except me, and Mikko, who says he can eat anything but sand. We have to go to another place to get some meat and pizza.
We split, some go to bar, some for a walk and sleep. No Kleine Seejungfrau today. Copenhagen looks beautiful as always.

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