Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Thursday 1. 11 Kuopio, Henry´s Pub

We met at Klubi at 14. "On the road again " sang Mikko, the driver and a technician, and a great Banjo player, and off we went.
I had a big backpack full of stuff, because I thought we're going to stay over in Kuopio and keep on going for the next two weeks. Klasu, our new bassist, comes in with nothing but a bass with him. "Are you sure you've got it all?" I said, "Yeah yeah, boogie on." he says. 100 Kilometres later:"Why do you have such a big bag? Two weeks? What the f***?" So, we decided to drive home in the night anyway.
I still don't have speaking voice because of the flu. .
Last time we played at Henry´s Pub Kuopio, it was the after party gig of Kuopiorock festival a few months ago, and the place was totally packed. The street behind the bar was then full of cars, bottles, music and people sleeping on the grass. Now Kuopio was black and windy. The German Xandria was supposed to do this gig with us, but they cancelled, so we felt a bit nervous if anyone ´s going to show up. When we finally got onstage, there was some people, not a lot, but felt like they've really come to see us, and wanted to hear. We played a bit longer set that usually, because we had time. We added an old song titled Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart, which eventually ended up as an album title but not as an album song. It is the first song I've written with Manzana, and it is very dear to me as a story.
We rehearsed also one new song at the sound check, but still decided not to play it. Heikki wants to arrange it better. He is so disciplined.He´s that for the sake of us three airheads too =) I'm just so eager to get new songs in the set!
We've played about 100 gigs with these songs, so it would be about a time.
But this tour is still for the Album, so we play the Album Songs. I love them too, but if you've got new toys, you just wanna play with them, right? =)
Drive back to Tampere. 5 am. At home.
Here is a link for the Kuopio Pictures that Pekka sent us. Thank you, Pekka!

Heikki was detoxified from is Mac for 24 hours, since he left it on backstage Kuopio. He was in pain, broke our hearts to hear his screams in the night.

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