Monday, September 20, 2010


Long time, no blog....but now...

Were all excited, getting ready for the tour in two days... Just got new album out of press , and tomorrow new t- shirts too... cool !! Playground informed, the album will be out in all Scandinavia November 3rd. and Middle Europe later. But we will be selling CD:s on tour already, so you can purchase your copy beforehand....!!

" Industrial Hippies " turned out to be pretty f****ng good. We are quite proud of the album, the guys play so freaking well and Henkkas sound and Anttis covers, all match great. Jess! = )

Links to buy stuff will be added on our pages as soon as they come out.

We´ve been practising now with our substituting musicians for the tour; Dino ( Blackstar Halo, Snowhite ) and Johannes ( Katra, When The Empire Falls ), and tomorrow we´ll practise at 8 am , will be absurd to sing at that hour, but but it´s ok hahaha.

It all rocks like hell with them too, even tough we will miss Klasu and Tomi. But we´re certainly not worried about the show anymore.

Tomorrow still some hair & clothes business ect. and wednesday on the bus.

Finland is cool and rainy, apples and plums all over my yard. Beautiful =)

All good, take care , and c- ya !