Friday, February 8, 2008

Nitro-Babe Photoshoot & Studio Diary

                                                  Piritta Lumous at Nitro-Babe photoshoot ( pics by Harri Sirola )

I did a Photo Shoot for Nitro - Babe last week, it is a cool underground clothing store in Tampere. It was a lot of fun, I was wearing heels like real women, and the dresses were lovely. I just had a terrible back ache the next day since I fell on the ice trying to hold on to the walk on my way home heh. Better stick with my  converses and army boots in real life !

I saw the forecoming poster of the store yesterday, I´m lying on my back in it lookin like I´m suffering with a line " Oh no, now I just have to get all of those dresses" or something like that. Funny.   

Recordings of the new Manzana album are going on, yesterday  we worked on s song called Wash My Sins Away, quite a goth piece of metal there. I just don´t find the way how to sing it since it´s real low key, sounds like work to figure it out!  Klasu and Henkka have been arranging the guitars and Heikki will be recording some drums in a few weeks, since he´s been busy recording Diablos new stuff at the Fantom Studio. We´re getting things done and feeling good about the new stuff!

We scheduled the videoshoot too now, it will be shot on 23 rd of February somewhere in Ylöjärvi, and the single will be out March 5 th. Jipii!

We also played a gig at a private party in Turenki last weekend, it was a birthday of a four guys who just wanted to throw a big party! Thank you folks,especially Matso. It was great fun having a metal disco with you guys and hello Musta Joutsen ! You rocked, especially miss Katriina.


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