Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Monday 12. 11 Uster - Lubeck

We woke up in a big countryhouse near Uster, up in the Swiss mountains . We look out and see sheep, snow on the mountains, green grass. Just beautiful. We have slept for three hours, it is 7 am and we have 4 minutes to get out. I still have my clothes on from yesterdays gig, so I just grab my bag and walk out. Charming. Who needs a shower? I do, but I didn´t get it at the gig place yeaterday, so it´s my own fault. We slept at the Rock City club owners house. He invited us over for a drink after the show. He has a bar and jukebox and all downstairs, AND it was the last nite, so we just had to have a few drinks. The city lights were just beautiful from up there.
We drove to Zurich in a morning jam, and I stepped out of the car in the centre. I say goodbye and thanks to all. The tour is over, feels a bit empty. On the otherwise, I'm so tired that I don't feel much anyway. I shop around, waste a lot of money at Soho store, get clothes; pink and black, of course, what other colours there is? I catch a train to Flughafen, then flight to Copenhagen, then Finland. Home at 2 am. Had to fly since I had some things I couldn't reschedule at home on Wednesday, so I'm not having the Lead Singer Disease, not that I could afford having one anyway .I like driving and I would have wanted to come back with the guys.They drove the car back, so I don't know what happened for the last two days, but what I heard after just talking to Henkka now, that they mostly just drove real long days and slept. They got home on wednesday morning.
Thank you Lovex for being so nice to us, and thank you everyone we met and worked with or talked with. Thank you Rowan and the crew and all the promoters and everyone making this possible for us. And thank you people who were there to rock with us! We had a great time in both countries, and we will be more than happy to come back one day.

Now we have a week off, and then we start to arrange the new album songs.



Somebody will add more photos and video when we get it.

I wrote this diary from my own perspective, so I don´t know all that other people did or tought or said. I´m just telling what I remember.

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