Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Monday 5. 11 Hamburg
Drive to Hamburg is about 400 km, and we drop by the hotel to get the keys, and go straight to Logo, the place we play at. Lovex fans have already crowded the front. We had Lovexes bassdrum in our van, so we had to get there before their soundcheck too, so we couldn't hung around the city. Thank God for Macs! We disagree about food because of the Tapas-incident, but finally managed to dragg Heikki into a Pakistanian restaurant. He hated everything as usual, but after eating he admitted that some of it was not totally disgusting. Others of us really enjoyed, lovely food.
We did Soundcheck after Lovex, and 8 pm the place opened. Logo is a flat, strange shaped place, but the sound seemed to work very well anyway. It got almost full, the crowd was good mooded and anticipating. We got out and opened with Pain, as usual. We didn´t know what to expect. We have never played in Germany, so we just played as always. It is a bit scary to play for another bands audience, people haven´t came in to see you, after all, but these folks seemed to be friendly towards us too. Hands raised, and they danced. Not a single sign of the Rokkipoliisi- attitude! Great! We played 8 songs and got off, and then the Lovex boys took care of the rest. And the girls were screaming....After their gig I talked to a lot of nice people, especially in the girls room ,where I also sold albums, not that I meant to, but it just happened!Maybe I announce tomorrow in Berlin: " Manzana mercandise sold in the girls bathroom ". Thank you Hamburg! It was great meeting you!
Then back to the hotel and to bed . Klasu and Henkka wanted to have a drink with Sonata Arctica guys, who were also in Hamburg, so off they went. At 3 am I recieve a phonecall and I already knew what was it about : " Where are We, and where are You? " Because I was afraid of Meelises wrath if I wake him, I run out without any shoes, half-awake, and seek for the names of the streets in the rain. Such a basic inter – rail mistake. Klasu and Henkka arrive, wet and loud, and I tell them that I am going to make them eat their own livers the next day unless they learn to write down addressess. But nobody cared about my feelings , all they talk about was Kebab and the beautiful Singer of Epica in the bar . Bla Bla Bla. Go to sleep. I'm still nervous and have no sense of humour. Sorry for being a up-tight bitch guys heh =). 


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