Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Album in stores and Spotify !

Piritta and Mika ( Entwine ) backstage Turku

Piritta Lumous and Texas Terri in Berlin

Hello there!!

Had a great release party on wednesday, Industrial Hippies is out now! We´be been busy givin interviewes and all work stuff, and we also played a show on Saturday in Lempäälä. Good good times! Thank you everyone involved, Matzo, Tyni & the lovely folks rockin with us!

Today I spent an lovely afternoon at the Radio Girrls on RADIO ASIA ; some girl talk on sex drugs and rock´n roll friday 19th at 11 on Radio Asia! Hahaa.

We also have new shows coming up, keep following the dates on FB &

If you still haven´t got the album, get one from EPES or Anttila, Levykauppä Äx, the basic record shops =)

The new one is also now on Spotify, and we hope to get the old ones there too. Just some differences with our former label, but we try to get it sorted out.

SO, all is good here, huge amounts of snow, Tomi , Henkka and Klasu say HIIII too !!!