Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009


It is raining like hell in Finland...great.....

We´ll go practise tomorrow at 14, Klasu can´t come since he´s got like 9 gigs on Tammerfest heheh. He may be one of the busiest man on this festival.... Actually there is a few Tampere guys who seem to play in every bar this weekend, because they have shows with all line ups they work for, and of course don´t usually have a gig with all of them the same time...  And also many technicians run wild from place to place when it is really happening here in our little town....that´s cool....Tampere is alive... =)  

Lets hope it all goes well and we can enjoy a great festival ! And please, no rain tomorrow... I want to drink cider in the park.... heheh

and today, maybe just one, inside...maybe ...two...but no more...

See you tomorrow....

Monday, July 6, 2009


   I  was performing as a guest artist at Henry´s Pub on June 21 st. here  in Tampere . I played with the great houseband Fisherman´s End, which was fun! Klasu was there too, he plays in the band =) . 

I covered the   Zombie of the Cramberries and What´s Up on the 4 Non Blondes, and I´m Only Happy When It Rains  and bunch of other stuff, like Janis Joplin, Skunk Anansie The Garbage....Thanks for the clips K. = ). Of course we also drink terribly a lot of Fisu after the show, and I met some great new people,  thank you everyone ! Now I also know why the backstage is called kusikellari hehehe  

about the set:

These songs were my teenage favourites, Zombie of the Cranberries was actually the first song I have ever performed live, and that was as real young....year 1995, with a Mellow- band, at the Klubi of Tampere ! The nite  was titled as  "angry dykes & some others" ,  because most of the songs I performed were composed by lesbian women.  It was just a funny co- incidence I realized, while  putting together this set, that most of my idols as a teen actually were lesbians; I loved bands like Skunk Anansie and 4 Non Blondes, but it´s not something that I meant to point out as a political statement here now....I just liked the way they sung. And maybe lesbians were just more likely to play "like men"  back in the 90´s, to rock it, and not just smile up there to show off their tits.... Not that there is anything wrong with tits either, but as an angsty teen, you just wanted someone to scream out for you....hmm...especially if you had no tits at all yourself, like me, heheheh. 

Thank God when people get older, they get fatter, some things get fixed by nature,at least a bit, and with money I suppose you could get just about anything big nowadays heheh. 

anyway, take care , all good to everyone, see you on TAMMERFEST! 


Train - 4 non blondes

Pleasanty blue - 4 non blondes

What´s up  - 4 non blondes

Stop - Sam Brown    

Twisted -  skunk anansie

Happy when it rains - Garbage

All that she wants - Wizo  / ace of base

Zombie - Cranberries

You ought to know - Alanis Morrisette 

Move over - Janis Joplin

Are you gonna go my way  - Lenny Kravitz 

Digging The Grave - Faith No More

Remedy - The Black Crowes

Brazen - Skunk Anansie 


Manzana will perform at Tammerfest on July 10 th  Tammerfest

The show is not age limited & free. 

and  at the Festival  at Motorpark on July 17 th

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and also Myllynkulma Harley Davidson party in Hämeenlinna on August 8 th