Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Saturday 3. 11

The first snow in Tampere. We feel a bit sad leaving south now, the snow looks so beautiful. We meet in Amadeus, and off we go.
We check in to Seawind boat in Turku around 9 pm. Quick check on the cabins and everyone disappears. I walk into the only place there IS on the boat, the bar, and Voila. All Lovex and Manzana in there, with the crews. Nice to meet the Lovex boys, they all seem nice. We'll be travelling together for the next week now. We eat expensive and bad food, and take some beer and finally whiskey. The last words of the Leading Figure Henkka were:"We've got money. " But you know, that's all bullshit. We don't have any money
The sea was black and icy. No party, just sleep.

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