Friday, October 31, 2008

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pics from Panda Girl Shoot

                                               Henkka and Piritta  (Pics Kaisa Sinkkonen )
                                              Klasu in the groove
                                                 Our new drummer Tomi !

We shot some live stuff for the possible forthcoming Panda Girl video at Amadeus bar last tuesday. We dragged some lights into the good old bar, ofcourse, Panda Girl couldn´t be shot anywhere else, since the song happens there. Panda Girl is about a girl ,who comes a long way to this little bar looking for a boy he´s kissed once; long ago and far away..." Wait for the one, who´s never gonna come- But miracles- they never come when you wait. " And he never comes, and she never leaves... But at least she followed her heart. So sad, and romantic...
Heh , now I sound like an old witch  in a tower, which I probably am!
We are so doomed to seek, for something we can never have. *sigh* But we can at least enjoy while looking...... =)

We´ve been busy all around elsewhere too, played at Hämeenlinna Rocktown last week, then Helsinki with Katra, and also at Elsurock at Klubi, Tampere on tuesday. I´ve been around doing interviewes and stuff, so we´re doing just good ! Hope you guys are great too,and are surviving the darkening season....

Wednesday, Radio Extreme, I talk about Manzana stuff at Rockrepubliken
9 pm

take care!

Hugs from Finland...It´s seriously starting to get cold again, I´m afraid. Argh...


check this one too,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Manzana to Baltia

Manzana is going to visit Riga, Latvija and Pärnu, Estonia, with their new songs in the end of November! Check other livedates for Finland too  at MANZANA.FI

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We are so happy and thank you all !! 
It is so lovely to see that people want to hear our songs!  So lovely =) 
Thank you =)

The Band

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