Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Sunday 11. 11. 2007 Uster

We slept long, and had breakfast in a fine, strange restaurant. There was a some sort of carnival going on in Zurich, and all the streets were full of drumming and dancing, weirdly dressed people. The part of the city we were in was very nice and it was great walking around in the fresh air. We pack the car and hung around for a couple of more hours, then took off to Uster. It is small place quite near to Zurich. Mountains looked just amazing in the light. We find the Rock City club, but we still have some time to hung around town. Because it's Sunday, nothings open. Finally we get in the club, the owner himself is there, everything's cool. We get food, soundcheck. The monitor sound is propably the best for two weeks, and the place is neat. We only worry that nobody comes, because we just played 20 km away the day before and that now we play without Lovex.
Some friends appear anyway, and it was cool. We play longer set again, which means we add Valentine, Gift, Everyday Hurts and Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart. All the gigs are really starting too feel in the body after the day- off. We sweat like pigs and at some point I feel like I´m dying, but we kept on going, and it turned out great.
We have to remember to send our poster there, we forgot to leave it.

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