Thursday, January 17, 2008

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Manzana - Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart

"If there is such a thing as complete heavy pop music, Manzana is it. I am not talking the cheap bullshit, I am talking prime cut. The production isn't skimpy and smooth, it's ripping and full. The song structures are just fucking fantastic. Through the slamming rhythm guitars, the vocalizations of the arrangements soar, melody lines singing through the cosmos. The band doesn't do many solos, it pretty much is a straight blast along a hot rail of riff, simple, effective, rock n roll. Songs like "Call" pass the band into the gothic, almost industrial, but that hard rock big beat still is lined like a missile trajectory. Lots of recordings obtain that in the digital age, compression masters of the void, Manzana has that covered, plus alot more in the overall talents of the band, their excellent songwriting, and overall creativity. They branch out a bit as the record goes on, but that overall big riff, big vocal, big bottom vibes kicks through every song on this album. Piritta, remember that name, her finnish mastery of the anglish language is a key element. Album of the year. "

This review will appear in Issue 40 of The Underground Sound:

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