Friday, January 18, 2008

End Of The World

Hello this is Piritta!         ( me singing End Of The World on tuesday)

The first single from the new album is now ready! It´s called End Of The World and it will be out in the end of February! We´re also shooting a video for it before that.Jipii! It is quite a rocky piece of Manzana, but good. Tells about getting enough of being treated like and idiot. Some girl revenge stuff on the way.... =) I hope you guys are gonna like it!

Henkka called me tuesday morning from Akun Tehdas, that I still have to come a change something for the song. He´s been quite tough on us in the studio lately, so I was a bit worried. So I drove up there, sang the line and came home. Wednesday nite my skype told me to receive the mixed MP3 of the song. Fast delivery! Now we have to start working on the video stuff. We have a director and the idea already and the label boys are working on it.The hardest part for me is........ok, I say it , even tough it might ruin my rock- credibility, not that I´m sure if I´ve had any to begin with , so maybe it doesn´t matter, I say it. Hardest part is to decide WHAT TO WEAR on the video. 

Come on . Really.


; )


Manzana : Falling To Pieces

This video is for Manzas song Falling To Pieces, released in November 2006. It was the first single from the  album Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart. Song was on Finlands official chart number 2. in December 2006 and January 2007. The Album Nothing ... went on Finnish chart number 24. when published in March 2007. Now the album has been released in 21 countries.

New Manzana music, single called End Of The Word  will be out in February! It will be the first single from Manzanas  new, yet unnamed album. Stay Tuned and utill then, and listen to Falling To Pieces and other Manzana songs at Myspace! 

Album out in Italy!!

Manzanas album Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart out in Italy in February! 

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hello! This is a blog of a Finnish Pop Metal Band Manzana!

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Review of the album on Underground Reviewes, US

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Manzana - Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart

"If there is such a thing as complete heavy pop music, Manzana is it. I am not talking the cheap bullshit, I am talking prime cut. The production isn't skimpy and smooth, it's ripping and full. The song structures are just fucking fantastic. Through the slamming rhythm guitars, the vocalizations of the arrangements soar, melody lines singing through the cosmos. The band doesn't do many solos, it pretty much is a straight blast along a hot rail of riff, simple, effective, rock n roll. Songs like "Call" pass the band into the gothic, almost industrial, but that hard rock big beat still is lined like a missile trajectory. Lots of recordings obtain that in the digital age, compression masters of the void, Manzana has that covered, plus alot more in the overall talents of the band, their excellent songwriting, and overall creativity. They branch out a bit as the record goes on, but that overall big riff, big vocal, big bottom vibes kicks through every song on this album. Piritta, remember that name, her finnish mastery of the anglish language is a key element. Album of the year. "

This review will appear in Issue 40 of The Underground Sound:

Underground Reviews6422 Hwy 140 NWAdairsville, GA 30103USA

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Italian Review

07 Jan 2008

Italian review of the album

Happy New year and than you all for the year 2007!!

Manzana is wishing all the fans and friends the best year ever; 2008!!Last year has been a great year for us, and thanks for that belongs to all of you who played with us, talked with us, toured with us, sold our gigs, delivered our albums, fixed our interviews, mixed our music and drove our bus! Thank you all! And the last but not the least,biggest thanks goes for all of you who were there to rock the night away with us, dear audience and listeners!! You are the reason why we make music! Thank you! We´ll be back in a while, with some new songs for you... They are starting to sound quite good... we´re soon getting something ready, and you can be sure you will be the first to hear it ! ; )



20 Dec 2007

Manzana Album Review at

Recordings started

Henkka at Fantom Studio, Tampere

10 Dec 2007

Hello! This is Piritta.

Henkka and Heikki went into studio last night, so the recordings of the new album have officially started.They are doing nightshift, of course, or has anyone seen Heikki in the daylite? Hands up if you have. After all these years, I´m pretty sure he´s a vampire.
I´m sitting home with my computer and twisting the lyrics. Buried in my head... Should go sing a couple of songs away later this week. Exiting to get new songs. Always a bit of magic.
No snow in Finland, looks like shit. But maybe soon.
Keep on rocking. Twist twist =)

Pirittas interview in Swarm Mexico

04 Dec 2007

Check Pirittas interview in Swarm, Mexico
Link to order Manzana album In Germany & Switzerland
( Just type "Manzana" in the box. )

Manzanas album "Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart ", out in German and Swiss stores as a " video added " version now! Go get your!

The album is released by the Golden Core Records of ZYX Music.


19 Nov 2007

Reviews ( English ) ( German ) ( German ) ( About Metal Elite Cruise )
(About Metal Elire Cruise )

Tomorrow Manzana featured on fhradio!

16 Nov 2007

tomorrow MANZANA on!
more information on

Tour Diary

Monday 12. 11 Uster - Lubeck

We woke up in a big countryhouse near Uster, up in the Swiss mountains . We look out and see sheep, snow on the mountains, green grass. Just beautiful. We have slept for three hours, it is 7 am and we have 4 minutes to get out. I still have my clothes on from yesterdays gig, so I just grab my bag and walk out. Charming. Who needs a shower? I do, but I didn´t get it at the gig place yeaterday, so it´s my own fault. We slept at the Rock City club owners house. He invited us over for a drink after the show. He has a bar and jukebox and all downstairs, AND it was the last nite, so we just had to have a few drinks. The city lights were just beautiful from up there.
We drove to Zurich in a morning jam, and I stepped out of the car in the centre. I say goodbye and thanks to all. The tour is over, feels a bit empty. On the otherwise, I'm so tired that I don't feel much anyway. I shop around, waste a lot of money at Soho store, get clothes; pink and black, of course, what other colours there is? I catch a train to Flughafen, then flight to Copenhagen, then Finland. Home at 2 am. Had to fly since I had some things I couldn't reschedule at home on Wednesday, so I'm not having the Lead Singer Disease, not that I could afford having one anyway .I like driving and I would have wanted to come back with the guys.They drove the car back, so I don't know what happened for the last two days, but what I heard after just talking to Henkka now, that they mostly just drove real long days and slept. They got home on wednesday morning.
Thank you Lovex for being so nice to us, and thank you everyone we met and worked with or talked with. Thank you Rowan and the crew and all the promoters and everyone making this possible for us. And thank you people who were there to rock with us! We had a great time in both countries, and we will be more than happy to come back one day.

Now we have a week off, and then we start to arrange the new album songs.



Somebody will add more photos and video when we get it.

I wrote this diary from my own perspective, so I don´t know all that other people did or tought or said. I´m just telling what I remember.

Tour Diary

Sunday 11. 11. 2007 Uster

We slept long, and had breakfast in a fine, strange restaurant. There was a some sort of carnival going on in Zurich, and all the streets were full of drumming and dancing, weirdly dressed people. The part of the city we were in was very nice and it was great walking around in the fresh air. We pack the car and hung around for a couple of more hours, then took off to Uster. It is small place quite near to Zurich. Mountains looked just amazing in the light. We find the Rock City club, but we still have some time to hung around town. Because it's Sunday, nothings open. Finally we get in the club, the owner himself is there, everything's cool. We get food, soundcheck. The monitor sound is propably the best for two weeks, and the place is neat. We only worry that nobody comes, because we just played 20 km away the day before and that now we play without Lovex.
Some friends appear anyway, and it was cool. We play longer set again, which means we add Valentine, Gift, Everyday Hurts and Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart. All the gigs are really starting too feel in the body after the day- off. We sweat like pigs and at some point I feel like I´m dying, but we kept on going, and it turned out great.
We have to remember to send our poster there, we forgot to leave it.

Tour Diary

Zurich, day-off

Saturday 10.11

At 9 am Marko comes into our room looking for some people. I wake up and notice there is some extra folks sleeping around on the floors… Oh well, seems like there was a party, last nite! Lovex boys stop by to say goodbye, they have to get going. We feel really sorry for them, at least we get to sleep our hangover away and not to sit in a car. I don't remember much of the Saturday, except wishing that the earth would swallow me and my headache, and eating some Chinese food in the evening. Meelis, thank you for being there. We found a second hand music store and got some albums and dvds. Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi, Clawfinger… Klasu was in the Kon Tiki bar, full going at 7 already, with some friends( Hello ! ). Our song Mermaid was playing in the bar when we went in.
We went to sleep early, except Klasu who came in at 9. It must me the water in Tammela that keeps him going.

Tour Diary

Our fellow travellers, Theon and Kristian bacstage Zurich gig. 

Henkka and a friend 

Friday. 9. 11. Zurich

We drove through Austria in the morning, it looked very nice. I haven't been there for years, and now only 2 hours. Maybe soon. After border began the tunnels of Switzerland.Going through the mountains. Hotel is in the centre of Zurich. Good, because we have a day off tomorrow. We go to Dynamo/ Werk 21. It is a punky , small place. Punky is the action too, one more band, loads and loads of stuff, time running out . Spanish goth band has at least ten people working for them, and they carry in tombstones, crosses, dolls…We get a little suspicious. Too little space and too little time for all that! Lovex cannot use their monitor system, and they don't look too happy. We have 5 minutes to sound check, but we'll manage with that, because Meelis and Mikko are big boys, and they know what they're doing. The backstage is very hot, and for the first time in days we get a little panic.The Spanish band seems nice anyway after we start talking to them, and the place gets packed when the doors open. We play first, and when we go on stage, I see familiar faces and happy going. Sigh of relieve. Ok Zurich lets rock. We worried for nothing about the place, everything is working greatly! It is so hot onstage, that all boys ended up taking off their shirts and I take off everything I can. "Now you show me yours! says "Klasu says to the almost all female audience. "No no no "I think…"it´s not gonna work , don´t say it…". But boys are always boys: wanna see more boobs. As if the girls wouldn´t see enough boobs, they´ve all got a pair! Audience kept their shirts on, but they were just lovely, dancing and having fun.
After gig I went outside to chill by the water for a long time, since I thought I was gonna die in the heath. ( Hello Mimi =) )
On backstage we started, for the first time this week, really enjoying some beverages. "No gig tomorrow" beating in our heads… Amset played their gothic -sigue sigue sputnik -69 eyes style show; total latex, kissing the dolls ect. Quite stylish, actually. Then Lovex played; they were good again, and the audience got what they wanted.
Funny moment was, when I was watching Lovex -show from the back of the club, talking to a local guy, I hear Theon saying that Manzana is doing "Larger than Life" with us now. Should I be there? Oh well, I kept on talking until I saw Henkka and Klasu onstage , singing with them. So I don´t know was I supposed to be there even now
here´s the link for that moment…

After shows almost everyone was in the mood for some bars, and Suzy and some local friends showed us the way to the Cactus Bar. There was some serious rock business going on over there, loads of beer, music and dancing on the tables.
At 6 am we took cabs back to the hotel, at least some of us did. Due to all the pints I had I'm not exactly sure who went and where, maybe somebody dropped in other bars too. Maybe we can control most of our actions, but we should never apologize for what we feel. Feeling is always a gift. And I was happy in Zurich at 6 am.

Tour Diary

Meelis, Me, Henkka and Heikki , souncheck in Munich Metropolis

Thursday 8. 11. 2007 Munich
( year 1 anno Kyy )
We have some Game ideas for our homepage.
Game 1. Buy Henkka a beer by clicking his face and watch it grow bigger. When his head doesn´t fit the screen, he´s had enough.
Game 2. Prevent Klasu from smoking and watch the tension grow. Don't try this at home, kids.
Game 3. Be late, ask stoopid questions and wake Meelis up in the nite, and run.
Game 4. I forgot.
Early wake, breakfast, into the car.
Snows in Germany. Looks beautiful. I just don't like the idea of driving with summer wheels on it …Such a Finn I am.
Lovexes car got searched on the road, us not, luckily. We arrive to Metropolis in Munich. Sunrise Avenue is playing in the next building the same nite. Finns around again. In Hamburg there was Sonata Arctica at the same time, In Zurich there will be Apocalyptica.
Metropolis is big, and the sound is good. Food is nice, even apple pie.Tarta De Manzana! I like that. Quite many people arrive, but the place is so big it looks less than yesterday. We feel a bit clumsy in the beginning, but the crowd is really open and heart warming, so we just get into it again. The gig turns out good. Lovex does a great show again, and we sell a lot of Cds and give out autographs in the back. We even get to sign a car!
We had a few drinks and went to bed.

Tour Diary

Wednesday 7. 11, Cologne

Up at 6.30, shower, no breakfast, into van. I trade with Heikki to get the backseat, I sleep two hours more. We eat yesterday's backstage pizza for breakfast (charming), and get some coffee from the gas station. Klaus is the only one who smokes a lot, and he starts getting pissed because we refuse to have smoking breaks all the time. Some tensions in the air.Cologne is 600 km away, so we keep on going. It's been raining for two days and it still does. We arrived at Cologne Underground around 3 pm. Lovex fans have crowded the front again. Schedules get slow, soon it's six and nobody's done soundcheck. Little panic. Lovex takes 7 minutes to check and runs to a picture shoot, we do five minute sound check, and all of a sudden the rush disappeared. Back on time. The local staff is very helpful and friendly and nothing seems to be a problem. The hotel keys are sent to us with a taxi, catering is good. The guy from the Gun records is selling Lovex shirts next to me, when I take out Manzana merchandise. He says he can sell our stuff too. Very kind, thank you!
We go backstage, which is on in the other building, and chill. Henkka hurt his finger while carrying the stuff onstage and he's bleeding. That's gonna be true rock to play with blood dripping from the strings...
20.15 we go to the show-building, and 20.20 on stage. We steal 10 minutes more time by accident, we were supposed to play at 20.30. Oh well... We were too anxious to go already so there we were.
Mac is working great now with the back up interface, nothing like yesterday. I go on, and we open with Pain. I'm wearing my hoodie, as usual, it is less scary because they don´t see mee immediately. I think it's the same thing with half of the Finnish boys with their black hats! The whole place is packed, and it is very hot. The audience seems intense, but not dancing. I'm a bit worried that they won't like us and try not to pump it too much. When the song ends, they scream. Wow. What the hell... I take off my hoodie, and they scream. I say " We´re Manzana from Tampere Finland" and they scream. I feel like crying. We're gonna have some fun with these folks.
And we did. One of the best gigs we've ever had. When I said " Thank you Cologne, we love you", I spoke the truth. I always say what I feel, and usually get in trouble because of it, but not this time
Only mishap that happened, was during FNM cover Digging The Grave; I stepped on Henkkas guitar cord and it dropped. It was just the part in the end of the c -part, where Patton screams like hell, so I yelled it out bare on the top of only bass and drum....but after that song we got the biggest applause ever on Manzana history, so it was worth it.
Maybe we should get cordless systems... hmm.
Lovex pulled a great show again, and people seemed happy. After the gig we hung around the place and sold albums and met a lot of nice people.
On backstage we drank beer and chilled and had fun, but Vivian and Theon started doing interviews and other stuff straight from stage. "There is at least one good side in not being the headliner", crossed my mind while opening the third beer...
I'm not worried about my voice anymore. I think I'll be fine.
Back in the van and off we go. We drive quite far, and drive back and forth the streets but don´t find the hotel. The street name is right, and the number, but no hotel. Mikko goes into a local bar for advice, but nobody knows anything. We are all quite tired, all sweaty, starting to get cold in a car. We call Lovex not to come, there's no hotel here. Marko sounds happy.
We go back to the city, we meet Lovex at the Burger King, and together we find the right hotel, thanks to Marko and GPS! The street address is exactly the same, but not the postal code. Basic inter-rail mistake again.
The youth of Manzana and some Lovex put up a party at somebodys room, I don't know anything about that since I dropped out. Tired and happy

Tour Diary

Tuesday 6. 11, Berlin
Wake up at 8, breakfast and off we go.Berlin is 300km away. Knaack is the name of the place. We arrive before Lovex, so we go to the Hotel first. We wanted to go up to the TV Tower to see Berlin from the air, but huger won over. We eat at Burger King, a typical, traditional German Lunch . Next time we have to get some real German food....Mikko and Heikki buy cameras, and I go shop around Alexanderplatz. At 7 we go to Knaack, and do a quick sound check. 3rd floor Vip lounge is a bit better backstage that I'm used to, but I'm not complaining. Food again, couple of shots and on stage we go. I wait in the hall for the intro to start, the place is totally full, I wait, people wait, but nothing comes out. What the f***? I open my ear monitor and I hear all the finnish curse words and whispering going on on stage. Mac has collapsed. Great. Klasu is speaking Finnish to the audience, being funny, trying to cover up. I feel happy for not having entered the stage yet. 5 minutes, 10 minutes... "Say the names of the songs very clearly so Mikko can run the backgrounds manually." says Henkka in my ear monitor and off goes the intro. Näillä mennää.
I love Berlin from the first note. The crowd is into it and helps us to be good. I feel unbelievably happy on stage. We play a good gig, but Mikko was the hero of the show … Only one time he drives in the wrong background but who gives a shit.
Pics from Berlin gig
I think that Lovex played better that yesterday, they really are quite good! And the girls…they scream again. They really must like them After show we meet some people in the hall and sell a lot of albums and give out autographs and pics. Very nice people in Berlin! Thank you !
Back to hotel and sleep, tomorrow is an early wake. I'm not sick anymore, but why am I still worried ? Maybe it's a part of the whole touring thing that a little worry keeps one focused.

Tour Diary

Monday 5. 11 Hamburg
Drive to Hamburg is about 400 km, and we drop by the hotel to get the keys, and go straight to Logo, the place we play at. Lovex fans have already crowded the front. We had Lovexes bassdrum in our van, so we had to get there before their soundcheck too, so we couldn't hung around the city. Thank God for Macs! We disagree about food because of the Tapas-incident, but finally managed to dragg Heikki into a Pakistanian restaurant. He hated everything as usual, but after eating he admitted that some of it was not totally disgusting. Others of us really enjoyed, lovely food.
We did Soundcheck after Lovex, and 8 pm the place opened. Logo is a flat, strange shaped place, but the sound seemed to work very well anyway. It got almost full, the crowd was good mooded and anticipating. We got out and opened with Pain, as usual. We didn´t know what to expect. We have never played in Germany, so we just played as always. It is a bit scary to play for another bands audience, people haven´t came in to see you, after all, but these folks seemed to be friendly towards us too. Hands raised, and they danced. Not a single sign of the Rokkipoliisi- attitude! Great! We played 8 songs and got off, and then the Lovex boys took care of the rest. And the girls were screaming....After their gig I talked to a lot of nice people, especially in the girls room ,where I also sold albums, not that I meant to, but it just happened!Maybe I announce tomorrow in Berlin: " Manzana mercandise sold in the girls bathroom ". Thank you Hamburg! It was great meeting you!
Then back to the hotel and to bed . Klasu and Henkka wanted to have a drink with Sonata Arctica guys, who were also in Hamburg, so off they went. At 3 am I recieve a phonecall and I already knew what was it about : " Where are We, and where are You? " Because I was afraid of Meelises wrath if I wake him, I run out without any shoes, half-awake, and seek for the names of the streets in the rain. Such a basic inter – rail mistake. Klasu and Henkka arrive, wet and loud, and I tell them that I am going to make them eat their own livers the next day unless they learn to write down addressess. But nobody cared about my feelings , all they talk about was Kebab and the beautiful Singer of Epica in the bar . Bla Bla Bla. Go to sleep. I'm still nervous and have no sense of humour. Sorry for being a up-tight bitch guys heh =). 


Tour Diary

Sunday 4. 11, Copenhagen

Driving across Sweden, sleeping. The big lakes are beautiful. I'm still sick. In the night, Copenhagen, Our hotel is on Istegade, the local Rocky Street, and in five minutes we´ve seen quite a lot .But the hotel is clean, no complains about that. Everyone is hungry, and we go to a Spanish restaurant. The owner sells us Tapas menus very quickly. "What the hell is Tapas? " says most of us, but there is no return anymore. The dish keeps coming and coming. And everyone hates it except me, and Mikko, who says he can eat anything but sand. We have to go to another place to get some meat and pizza.
We split, some go to bar, some for a walk and sleep. No Kleine Seejungfrau today. Copenhagen looks beautiful as always.

Tour Diary

Saturday 3. 11

The first snow in Tampere. We feel a bit sad leaving south now, the snow looks so beautiful. We meet in Amadeus, and off we go.
We check in to Seawind boat in Turku around 9 pm. Quick check on the cabins and everyone disappears. I walk into the only place there IS on the boat, the bar, and Voila. All Lovex and Manzana in there, with the crews. Nice to meet the Lovex boys, they all seem nice. We'll be travelling together for the next week now. We eat expensive and bad food, and take some beer and finally whiskey. The last words of the Leading Figure Henkka were:"We've got money. " But you know, that's all bullshit. We don't have any money
The sea was black and icy. No party, just sleep.

Tour Diary

Friday 2. 11 Helsinki, On The Rocks

The Rocks was quite full, Friday nite after all. Suits us. We played alone again. This was another night Rowan had booked for us with the cancelled Xandria. We made the set a bit longer again since we now had the time. Meelis wanted to mix with the house mixer, but Henkka wanted to test the small one we take with us to Germany, just to know the gear. We opened with Pain, and then Mermaid. People were with us, felt good to play. My voice felt almost ok for the first time in a week, and the guys were rocking. Klasu is starting to be a true battery on stage, he brings on energy. Also starts to feel like I can lean on him on choruses, when he sings the background vocals. Reliving. We´ve played with so many bassists; maybe this is going to work now.
The Rocks was a special gig because there was actually a few of my lovely female friends in the audience! * Hugging you girls * It is lovely to see you even on gigs, everyone is so busy nowadays… = (
The show was good, two people were carried out before we even started, and after the gig three more; all vomiting. Yes!
One thing I have to say. I just wonder about some men, who come in front of me and drink my water as I sing, just to show me they're bigger. You know, it´really is a mans act. Hard like stealing candy from a baby .

But thank you Helsinki, we had fun anyway!

Home at 3 am. Sleep.

Tour Diary

Friday 2. 11 Helsinki, On The Rocks

The Rocks was quite full, Friday nite after all. Suits us. We played alone again. This was another night Rowan had booked for us with the cancelled Xandria. We made the set a bit longer again since we now had the time. Meelis wanted to mix with the house mixer, but Henkka wanted to test the small one we take with us to Germany, just to know the gear. We opened with Pain, and then Mermaid. People were with us, felt good to play. My voice felt almost ok for the first time in a week, and the guys were rocking. Klasu is starting to be a true battery on stage, he brings on energy. Also starts to feel like I can lean on him on choruses, when he sings the background vocals. Reliving. We´ve played with so many bassists; maybe this is going to work now.
The Rocks was a special gig because there was actually a few of my lovely female friends in the audience! * Hugging you girls * It is lovely to see you even on gigs, everyone is so busy nowadays… = (
The show was good, two people were carried out before we even started, and after the gig three more; all vomiting. Yes!
One thing I have to say. I just wonder about some men, who come in front of me and drink my water as I sing, just to show me they're bigger. You know, it´really is a mans act. Hard like stealing candy from a baby .

But thank you Helsinki, we had fun anyway!

Home at 3 am. Sleep.

Tour Diary

Thursday 1. 11 Kuopio, Henry´s Pub

We met at Klubi at 14. "On the road again " sang Mikko, the driver and a technician, and a great Banjo player, and off we went.
I had a big backpack full of stuff, because I thought we're going to stay over in Kuopio and keep on going for the next two weeks. Klasu, our new bassist, comes in with nothing but a bass with him. "Are you sure you've got it all?" I said, "Yeah yeah, boogie on." he says. 100 Kilometres later:"Why do you have such a big bag? Two weeks? What the f***?" So, we decided to drive home in the night anyway.
I still don't have speaking voice because of the flu. .
Last time we played at Henry´s Pub Kuopio, it was the after party gig of Kuopiorock festival a few months ago, and the place was totally packed. The street behind the bar was then full of cars, bottles, music and people sleeping on the grass. Now Kuopio was black and windy. The German Xandria was supposed to do this gig with us, but they cancelled, so we felt a bit nervous if anyone ´s going to show up. When we finally got onstage, there was some people, not a lot, but felt like they've really come to see us, and wanted to hear. We played a bit longer set that usually, because we had time. We added an old song titled Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart, which eventually ended up as an album title but not as an album song. It is the first song I've written with Manzana, and it is very dear to me as a story.
We rehearsed also one new song at the sound check, but still decided not to play it. Heikki wants to arrange it better. He is so disciplined.He´s that for the sake of us three airheads too =) I'm just so eager to get new songs in the set!
We've played about 100 gigs with these songs, so it would be about a time.
But this tour is still for the Album, so we play the Album Songs. I love them too, but if you've got new toys, you just wanna play with them, right? =)
Drive back to Tampere. 5 am. At home.
Here is a link for the Kuopio Pictures that Pekka sent us. Thank you, Pekka!

Heikki was detoxified from is Mac for 24 hours, since he left it on backstage Kuopio. He was in pain, broke our hearts to hear his screams in the night.

Tour Diary 1 By Piritta!

Wednesday, 31. 11 Tampere, Amadeus

Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart 2007 part 2. tour started from at the Amadeus - bar of Tampere. I was sick, had fever and flu, and so was Heikki. The beginning energy was not the best. I cried all morning in the shower being sure that I'm going to loose my voice forever, and then the tour will end before it even started, and that the band will end then , and everyone will hate me, and I can never get another job. You know, the basic boogie. After sound check and grilled vegetables at Pancho Villa, and listening all the carnivores making fun of me and my ridiculous food, I started to feel like home again. Maybe this is going to be ok after all. I'm just stage fright.
Quite heart-warming, that a lot of people came in to tiny Amadeus, and they actually knew the songs. Tampere, hometown, thank you for that =) I rode my bike home, what a luxury after gig. We didn't have to unpack the van, either, excellent.
Thank you, who was there, it was good after all.
We feel less afraid about the tour now.
Heikki fell asleep on the backstage stairs after the show. Shit if he gets sicker....


Piritta at Metal Elite Cruise

29 Oct 2007

Review and photos of the Metal Elite Cruise
( In German )

album review ( In German )

Album in stores in Germany November 2nd!!!

Manzanas album Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart is out in German and Swiss stores as " Video added" version in november 2nd. It is released by Colder Core Records of Zyx Music! Go get yours!!

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Pre-order tour tickets!!

09 Oct 2007

Pre-Order Manzana Tour Tickets !!( GER& SUI )
Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich & Vienna:
Ticket-Hotline: 0180 - 500 42 22 ( 0,14/Min.) (Germany only!)
Order: http://www.contrapromotion.

Judenkulturhaus Dynamo
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, 8006 Zürich
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New Bassist Klasu stepping in on Metal Elite Cruise !


Manzanas new bassist Klasu Wirzenius will be stepping in on Metal Elite Cruise on October 3rd.  
Manzana has got 15 gigs in three countries after the cruise show, so Klasu will be well tested from the beginning! He´s been playing a few gigs with the band before already, covering for Ville, so he´s well practised. Good luck and let the boogie flow, Klasu! Welcome!

Press Release

27. 9. 2007 Trc- Records, Tampere

Finnish pop-metal band Manzana announces, that Ville" Mr Willy " Mäkinen, no longer plays in the band or works for the bands own label, TRC- Records. Mäkinen has played bass in Manzana on 2004- 2007, and now continues with his other jobs in music. No bad blood or arguments are involved in the decision, Mäkinen not playing in the band is a result of long lasting practical problems. Mäkinen is known for playing at million selling Bombfunk MC´s, but Bomfunk MC´s is not the cause for the split.

"Ville is a great guy and a good player. I will miss him a lot ", says Piritta Lumous, the leadsinger of Manzana , who's been friends with Ville all her life. "But sometimes things just don't go the way we want. "

Manzana´s new bass player is Klaus Wirzenius, who also plays in Bulletride and Heartbreakers. He will be stepping in on October 3rd at Metal Elite Cruise at Ms Galaxy Cruiser.

Manzanas album Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart, was released in Finland January 2007, and it went on chart number 24 on first week. The First Single Falling To Pieces, hit charts number 2 and 3, and has been well on air on Finnish radios, TV and myspace. The album Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart has been released in Gas and Benelux countries and all Asia, except Japan, in summer 2007.

The band has toured Finland a lot during the spring and summer, and has withdrawn for a while to write new material. Manzana will be on the road again in October and November, when they tour Finland with German band Xandria and another Finnish female fronted metal band Ironica . In November the Apples of Tampere will be served in the middle – Europe, when Manzana tours Germany and Switzerland with Lovex.

Upcoming tourdates

3. 10 Metal Elite Cruise, Tallink Ms Galaxy
7. 10 Klubi, Tampere, All-Age Sunday
12.10 Naisvuorentalo, Mikkeli
13.10 Musiikkimessut, Turku
26.10 Female Fronted Metal Tour, Oulu, Kuusisaari
27.10 Female Fronted Metal Tour, Nivala, Tuiskula
31.10 Amadeus, Tampere
1. 11 Henry´s Pub, Kupio
2. 11 On The Rock, Helsinki
5. 11 Logo, Hamburg (GER)
6. 11 Kaack, Berlin (GER)
7. 11 Underground, Cologne (GER)
8. 11 Metropolis, Munich ( GER )
9. 11 Dynamo, Werk 21, Zurich (SUI)
11.11 Rock City, Uster ( SUI )


27. 9. 2007 Trc- Records, Tampere

Julkaisuvapaa : Heti

Tamperelainen pop-metalliyhtye Manzana tiedottaa, että Ville alias " Mr Willy " Mäkinen, ei enää soita yhtyeessa. Manzanan basistina vuosina 2004 – 2007 toiminut Mäkinen ei jatka myöskään Manzanaa julkaisevan Trc- Recordsin toiminnassa, mutta kaikissa muissa musiikki- ja Dj - alan töissään hänet nähdään jatkossakin normaalisti. Mäkisen bändistä poistumiseen ei liity varsinaisia riitoja , vaan teiden erkaneminen johtuu kaikkien lisääntyneestä työmäärästä suhteessa käytettävissä olevaan aikaan. Ville tunnetaan mm. Bombfunk MC´s yhtyeestä.

" Ville on mahtava tyyppi ja minun tulee häntä ikävä", kommentoi Manzanan laulaja Piritta Lumous lapsuudenkaveristaan," mutta aina ei asiat mene niin kuin itse haluaisi".

Uudeksi basistiksi Manzanaan on kiinnitetty Bulletride ja Heartbrakers yhtyeissä soittava Klaus Wirzenius, ja hän nousee lavalle jo ensi viikon Metal Elite Cruisella Tallink Galaxyllä.

Manzanan tammikuussa 2007 julkaistu Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart – albumi nousi ilmestyessään suomen viralliselle listalle numerolle 24, ja on julkaistu sen jälkeen Gas- ja Benelux maissa, sekä koko Aasiassa lukuunottamatta Japania.

Kevään ja kesän tiiviisti keikkaillut bändi on nyt vetäytynyt kellariinsa, ja valmistelee parhaillaan uuden levynsä kappaleita. Manzana aktivoituu keikoille taas loka –marraskuussa 15 keikan verran, jolloin Suomen lisäksi Tampereen omenaista Pop-Metallia tarjoillaan Saksan ja Sveitsin kiertueella Lovex-yhtyeen kanssa.