Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Our fellow travellers, Theon and Kristian bacstage Zurich gig. 

Henkka and a friend 

Friday. 9. 11. Zurich

We drove through Austria in the morning, it looked very nice. I haven't been there for years, and now only 2 hours. Maybe soon. After border began the tunnels of Switzerland.Going through the mountains. Hotel is in the centre of Zurich. Good, because we have a day off tomorrow. We go to Dynamo/ Werk 21. It is a punky , small place. Punky is the action too, one more band, loads and loads of stuff, time running out . Spanish goth band has at least ten people working for them, and they carry in tombstones, crosses, dolls…We get a little suspicious. Too little space and too little time for all that! Lovex cannot use their monitor system, and they don't look too happy. We have 5 minutes to sound check, but we'll manage with that, because Meelis and Mikko are big boys, and they know what they're doing. The backstage is very hot, and for the first time in days we get a little panic.The Spanish band seems nice anyway after we start talking to them, and the place gets packed when the doors open. We play first, and when we go on stage, I see familiar faces and happy going. Sigh of relieve. Ok Zurich lets rock. We worried for nothing about the place, everything is working greatly! It is so hot onstage, that all boys ended up taking off their shirts and I take off everything I can. "Now you show me yours! says "Klasu says to the almost all female audience. "No no no "I think…"it´s not gonna work , don´t say it…". But boys are always boys: wanna see more boobs. As if the girls wouldn´t see enough boobs, they´ve all got a pair! Audience kept their shirts on, but they were just lovely, dancing and having fun.
After gig I went outside to chill by the water for a long time, since I thought I was gonna die in the heath. ( Hello Mimi =) )
On backstage we started, for the first time this week, really enjoying some beverages. "No gig tomorrow" beating in our heads… Amset played their gothic -sigue sigue sputnik -69 eyes style show; total latex, kissing the dolls ect. Quite stylish, actually. Then Lovex played; they were good again, and the audience got what they wanted.
Funny moment was, when I was watching Lovex -show from the back of the club, talking to a local guy, I hear Theon saying that Manzana is doing "Larger than Life" with us now. Should I be there? Oh well, I kept on talking until I saw Henkka and Klasu onstage , singing with them. So I don´t know was I supposed to be there even now
here´s the link for that moment…

After shows almost everyone was in the mood for some bars, and Suzy and some local friends showed us the way to the Cactus Bar. There was some serious rock business going on over there, loads of beer, music and dancing on the tables.
At 6 am we took cabs back to the hotel, at least some of us did. Due to all the pints I had I'm not exactly sure who went and where, maybe somebody dropped in other bars too. Maybe we can control most of our actions, but we should never apologize for what we feel. Feeling is always a gift. And I was happy in Zurich at 6 am.

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