Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Us!! ( Radalle.com festival )

It´s been a while, since I wrote,
but we have strated recording the new album and we have a lot of writing to do....so, at the moment I sit on the studio floor , Tomi is on his way here to jam some stuff with Henkka and I think of stuff I wanna sing about ect.
After summer festivals we did play a show two weeks ago at Myllynkulma in August 8 th ; it was a Harley Davidson biker party with Musta Joutsen in the woods, and we had a hell of a lot of fun hehehe. We also played one new song, its called Everything But You, and during that a huge bike appeared on stage and I forgot the lyrics.... hehehe. It wasn´t the burning rubber that smelled, it was the burning wood of the stage floor ....

Anyway, we are alive and kicking, and back in the bus on October, when we tour some Finland with a Greek metal band Bare Infinity !!! We might get more songs out before that....maybe a single too ....=) well see...

But new album should be out around January...

Villieläin debut Julma Satu is out too, was released last week, so I had to go out drinking with them too, since I wrote the lyrics on the album...hard duty = )( the drinking, I mean ) . It was released by Universal Music, it came out real good, Produced by Aksu Hanttu of the Entwine & Hannu Sormunen. Check it out !

Finland is still warm and beautiful, it´s all cool here
I´m happy, hope you are too
love is in the air heheheh

Take care