Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Meelis, Me, Henkka and Heikki , souncheck in Munich Metropolis

Thursday 8. 11. 2007 Munich
( year 1 anno Kyy )
We have some Game ideas for our homepage.
Game 1. Buy Henkka a beer by clicking his face and watch it grow bigger. When his head doesn´t fit the screen, he´s had enough.
Game 2. Prevent Klasu from smoking and watch the tension grow. Don't try this at home, kids.
Game 3. Be late, ask stoopid questions and wake Meelis up in the nite, and run.
Game 4. I forgot.
Early wake, breakfast, into the car.
Snows in Germany. Looks beautiful. I just don't like the idea of driving with summer wheels on it …Such a Finn I am.
Lovexes car got searched on the road, us not, luckily. We arrive to Metropolis in Munich. Sunrise Avenue is playing in the next building the same nite. Finns around again. In Hamburg there was Sonata Arctica at the same time, In Zurich there will be Apocalyptica.
Metropolis is big, and the sound is good. Food is nice, even apple pie.Tarta De Manzana! I like that. Quite many people arrive, but the place is so big it looks less than yesterday. We feel a bit clumsy in the beginning, but the crowd is really open and heart warming, so we just get into it again. The gig turns out good. Lovex does a great show again, and we sell a lot of Cds and give out autographs in the back. We even get to sign a car!
We had a few drinks and went to bed.

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