Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tour Diary

Tuesday 6. 11, Berlin
Wake up at 8, breakfast and off we go.Berlin is 300km away. Knaack is the name of the place. We arrive before Lovex, so we go to the Hotel first. We wanted to go up to the TV Tower to see Berlin from the air, but huger won over. We eat at Burger King, a typical, traditional German Lunch . Next time we have to get some real German food....Mikko and Heikki buy cameras, and I go shop around Alexanderplatz. At 7 we go to Knaack, and do a quick sound check. 3rd floor Vip lounge is a bit better backstage that I'm used to, but I'm not complaining. Food again, couple of shots and on stage we go. I wait in the hall for the intro to start, the place is totally full, I wait, people wait, but nothing comes out. What the f***? I open my ear monitor and I hear all the finnish curse words and whispering going on on stage. Mac has collapsed. Great. Klasu is speaking Finnish to the audience, being funny, trying to cover up. I feel happy for not having entered the stage yet. 5 minutes, 10 minutes... "Say the names of the songs very clearly so Mikko can run the backgrounds manually." says Henkka in my ear monitor and off goes the intro. Näillä mennää.
I love Berlin from the first note. The crowd is into it and helps us to be good. I feel unbelievably happy on stage. We play a good gig, but Mikko was the hero of the show … Only one time he drives in the wrong background but who gives a shit.
Pics from Berlin gig
I think that Lovex played better that yesterday, they really are quite good! And the girls…they scream again. They really must like them After show we meet some people in the hall and sell a lot of albums and give out autographs and pics. Very nice people in Berlin! Thank you !
Back to hotel and sleep, tomorrow is an early wake. I'm not sick anymore, but why am I still worried ? Maybe it's a part of the whole touring thing that a little worry keeps one focused.

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Karoliina said...

Hi guys, I was at that gig and it was really really awesome, I hope I will ba able to see you live in the future again :-)
And Piitta, thanks for being so nice to me and my friend when we found ourselves in your dressing room by accident, it was not our fault.. :D