Saturday, April 2, 2011


Piritta Lumous and Jussi ( Vanity Ink ) in Zurich, a day off
Afterparty in Riga = D
Piritta Lumous and Bandit ( Vanity Ink ) in Vilnus
Annabella and Piritta, at the hotel in Kuopio

Manzana going onstage in Helsinki, Trash fets U.O afterparty ( Pics. M.H )

long time, no blog! now yes =)

it is saturday now, 4 pm, and i just woke up. we played yesterday with vanity ink at bar bäkkäri helsinki. it was trash fest at gloria, so loads of people on the move, the show was an un official after party. we took off at the studio around five, my friend saara was with us, so we drove to pick up the guys at the studio. stuff in the car, the off to Hämeenlinna. backseat cider always works, also nap hahaha. In helsinki we had lots of time backstage after soundhecks, since the showtime was 00.30. A long chat with Annabella ( inks ) , the guys went out to eat after soundcheck & see Turmion Kätilöt and Ajattara at Dom, but we stayed restin & smoking backstage =). At 11 the place opened and got pretty crowded. People from Prague and Germany came to talk, "see you in september on tour", felt really good, we´re actually goin europe again & people come to finland to see our show! =)
Also met new generation superstar guys from England, great guys, didn´t see ther show thoug, have to correct that soon.

We had Aadolf of Diablo on bass that night, Johannes had another gig. we practised only once with him on thursday, and felt a bit excited how it works onstage. but when the first chord dropped we were not worried, was really good. it is always cool to notice how the song energy varies a little with players. I had a wireless mic i usually don´t use, was afraid i will drop it , it is somehow so light, but I actually liked it. so much easier to move around. setlist was ths yesterday

cripple heart
falling to pieces
demolition doll
panda girl
end of the world
everything but you
world is a vampire
mother can´t rock

after us the Inks were on, we mingled in the crowd, was loads of people to say hi & talk to, thank you so much for coming = )

Inks were on fire, it is their city and their show, was so happy looking at tha show, maybe the best of Inks I have seen.

After shows we of course got pissed and hugged everyone, and finally passed out in a car. Poor henkka was drivin, had to have shifts to keep im awake haha. Aadolf got lost in the helsinki night, but supposedly he´s big enough to manage alone in the nite, so we left him there in good care of Korkki hahaha




nice post dudes keep it up

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Just listened to them on youtube awesome music.
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Susie Rosso Wolf said...

Love it guys! Good luck to you. The old man is a sound engineer for many years so I can relate to your life and what you do. Please drop by my New Prairie Woman blog to read my true story novel, comment and follow if you can.

Best of luck to you on your tour.

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