Tuesday, October 12, 2010

European tour , part 2

On sunday we played at Batallion,Prague. An acoustic show. We spent the day mostly sleeping, then some pizza and off to the venue. Battalion is familiar, we played there before. Had a quick practise before the show, we hardly ever play acoustic shows, felt a bit nervous especially with a substitute rhythm section grr. Selena went first, then us. I wanted to have a chair onstage because on acoustic shows, you are supposed to have a hat on AND sit on a bar chair. We sounded strange … <3 something like Tom Waits and Nina Hagen unemployed, oh well. It was still really fun, songs sound so differed, especially on us, because we have so much computer stuff and industrial stuff live too. But met some great folks, drank great Tsekki beer and sold albums.

Next day we took off to Cheske Budejovicke. Nice countryside views on the way, and off to the Brewery . Part of us went to take a tour at a local brewery, and got plenty of beer samples hah. what an excuse = P meanwhile I slept in the bus, the miles are starting to feel a bit in the bones now… Martys Club was a good looking place in a old stone building. Very Chezk, good beer. Ink started, not so many people were there, but slowly the place started to fill up. Sound was great, everyone played really good shows, and in the end the crowd was jumping as usual. we played last, and had a ball. After shows the staff asked us to stay for drinks, and the bar lady sung us a few songs! wow, she sung great!
then roaring, back in the bus, off to the next place. Thank you Cheske B. was a pleasure to meet you!

In the morning we had some problems with parking, had to pay extra tickets, then off to mall to find some food. Johannes was an excellent salad scout and we spent great times at a mall = P . Three days without shower started to get heavy on the bus smell, so we decided to find a swimming hall. That was easy, but getting a taxi was not! Took an hour and about 9 phonecalls, and then we had to make arrangements to get him to get us back too, strange country. But we got some special gifts from the driver too, so good service hahaha. Special services continued at the venue, was nice and punky, and people were having fun. Karolina left us after this show, and people were a bit sad, we had a leaving ceremony for her , THANK YOU KAROLINA again = )
Good shows for every band again, and in the nit we took off towards Poland. Got stopped by a police, and gifts were thrown out of the window pretty quickly, and some decisions were made haha.

Dobrakarma in Warsow. Fireplaces at the venue! I had been missing my axe so much, I tried to get some turns to make fire but no.
Pitsa for breakfast at the Africa bar, venue with no walls, felt like a beduin camp!! But staff was very friendly, and we got things rolling. Not so many people came, but had ok boogie. Off to Lithuania. We stayed up till 6 am, were so scared of the Polish police to make trouble again hahaha. But no harm this time ! Cross the border and off of my feet I went.

Vilna, Bermudai…Woke up in the morning, took off alone to the town. Had great breakfast apple pie ( tarta de manzana ) and bought sunglasses since I had broken mine and stolen somebody elses haha. Off to venue at 5, the place was great, Felix man fixed us really nice food ect. and we showered like mad people , just because we were so happy there was a shower =P . Stage was bigger than last time, good place. People showed up, had a ball, met some awesome chicks and had great conversations it the girls room haha. Thank you for the new piercing piece too miss P. , you rock Vilna = P !! After show on the road , party in the bus, wine pit & non stop smoking..Sometimes quiet wondering who´s gonna flip soon, it is getting two weeks done soon…but everyone still got their heads straight & no fighting, no bad blood. Great people =) .


Liepaja. Woke up in the harbor. Sailors were drinking and playing guitars 5 meters from the bus and welcomed us onboard. Oh well, somebody has to do the job = P Found great food at the hotel right next to the venue. Sat there for about three hours, the nap at rooms.
Venue was GREAT. Huge stage, catwalk, awesome lights. Wireless things don´t work because of the ships radio things, so no ear monitors today, and INks could´t use wireless on guitars either. Sailors wanted to buy Manzana stuff with tequila, bad, bad idea Piritta… = P on the ship we went and started drinking. At some point I said " I still have to sing today" hahaaa. The place got packed, everyone played awesome shows and loved the big stage = D . Great afterparty until 7 am. and WAY too much tequila, no further comments on that evening , but everyone LOVED Liepaja <3 hahaa.

in the morning carrying stuff back in the bus, good byes and towards Riga. I slept like a baby all the way, so no comments on that time what so waver. In Riga straight to the venue, nice place , very CLEAN compared to the other places on this tour. Sanwitches, then off to the Old Town hostel. When we walk in, the man of the house is there to welcome us as usual. He' s got water guns and free beer immediately.... Oh no...and Black Balsam... Here we go again. On the tables….
but first shower, sleeping a bit and then off to play. Good shows, friends show up , some from liepaja, some from finland, rest from RIga. Good shows! A bit sad mood because it is the last one. Ink goes on last, and everyone keeps going onstage again on each others shows hahaha. In the end I leave the stage already, but inks begin " I love to say fuck " and I end up rolling on the floors with Annabella literally sitting on my face hahaha. Loads of bruises and accidents again, but great fun. Then off to drink more with many friends, we end up in the hotel bar and at some point I leave to pass out. In the morning I go down and we find Pasi on the road half naked, bar still open, Dino bella teme and some others in full speed. The hotel owner jumps into bus with us too, and party continues. In Tallinn he realizes that he is in the wrong country and leves = D !! to the boat, food, karaoke, what even, Tallin boat is a scary place when trying to land at the same time….

Helsinki, good byes to inks, klaukkala, hämeenlinna, tampere, and jyväskylä. Bus cleaning, crying, going home, dino to amideus ( = home )

tired but happy. done. there. love you all.

world is so full of crazy great people
great audiences
great people working and drinking and talking to

thank you so much for coming to the shows and moshing with us !!

we love this circus <3 !


I want to get back in the bus…

now….= D !!


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