Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Tour Hellos.... ! Pirittas version =)

Manzana, The White Hot Chili Peppers , ainaki omasta mielestään = ) Katse, Jyväskylä ( Matzos Pic )

Markus, Mona and Me in front of Klubi on Sunaday morning ( Matsos Pic )

The Females Of The Female Fronted, Mona Me and Annika, Monttu Bacstage, Pori ( Matsos Pic )

A Million Miles ! ( Matsos Pic )
Moukku Bus & Markus ( Matsos Pic )

Pasi & Matso ( Pasis Pic )

We survived the Easter In Stereo-tour with A Million Miles and For Selena And Sin, and it was GREAT ! Mona and guys flew to Tampere on tuesday morning, and we got into Moukku bus at the studio with Selena folks, felt like home again =)

We started in Helsinki, On The Rocks on tuesday, and it was really cool with friends around, even though tuesday is a bit hard for all the people who get up in the morning... hug you Taru, Johanna, Elina, Korkki ( who also stuck around for a couple of days in the bus =) ) , Brigantia, Tarja, Jossu , Vasili and the rest!! Everyone had a good show, and nice crowd showed up anyway, had a ball, no special problems.

On thursday we tangoed in Katse, and everyone was even better. Before the show we had the traditional Katse stand up competition on threeword combinations, inspired by the backstage wall, perus . I think Manzana won! At least this competition made more sense than the one on the last European tour heheheheheee.

We even saw a moshpit on this gig, during Million Miles covering " Domination " of was started by Anssi & and a certain photographer, and Pipsa (Teardown )who was in the audience with me, got an all over body treatment by jumping guys heh. Haven´t seen litres of beer dripping from a womans hair for a long time, it was cool. Heidi Betrayal was there too, the mean & hot police woman from our forthcoming video.... In nature she´s not mean, she´s only hot ! Million Miles was great again, and Selena was the star in Jyväskylä, of course, the hometown! We played a good show too, only minus was that I fell off the stage during our set, and it is a week from it now, and my feet still hurts....grr. But then we all got plenty of Moukku and all worries were forgotten.

Then there was Sputnik, always good, and before the Tampere show we took the germans friends to sauna at my place! So they were all clean when they played, unlike the rest of us heh .Well , Rock´n Roll ain´t clean, sometimes it gets you dirty =) We also got a magic mummy man on stage during Falling To Pieces, who, surpise surpirse, was a NAKED MAN , after he took off his mummy suit = D . I was already a bit worried in helsinki, nobody naked, whats going on ?

Some more bus life, then to Turku. Soundcheck, billiard, pizza. Mona beat me so badly in billiard, I suck heheee. I have only slept on those tables, never patient enough to learn to play.

S-Osis is better place than I remembered. Matso made some magic, and we got nice sound even though the desibel limit is pretty low there. Korpikuusen Kyynel proved their nails and rocked like mad on stage and also partied with us till the morning. Hello Timo , Olli, Maija , Antti, Leeni and the cool natives of Turku who were in the bus too!! Turku was not very crowded, but still fun. Everyone was jumping =) .

Since Mona of The Million Miles was sick on the last day, Pori, I made her soundchek, and I of course don´t know their songs and cannot sing like Mona, she´s so original ( ! ) , but I ended up doing the same song again with Mona & Annika during their set =) . It was great fun, fists in the air, jumping folks & fruits all over the stage . I dont know where all the bananas appeared, but they were brought to us females as a compliment I suppose, "you´ve got balls " they said . ( I just wait for the day when it is a complimet to tell a guy that you sing like a woman....sorry, the mad cow feminist interrupted, thank you for the bananas guys, we really aprecciated them!! it was very sweet**hugs** )

We got back to Klubi at 8 am on sunday, had a holy feeling for the easter resurrection day, and walked home in the bright morning.

Aamulla / on haikeaa / mennä nukkumaan / taika katoaa

Here are some pics from the road above! more on selenas blog!!

Now we are working on other stuff, soon back to business with Manzana, news on the way... =)

Take care
love and om for all


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