Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Broken Doll

We´re just finishing up the last song in the studio....still couple of days to go, but the end is there. It has taken quite long this time, all the tour stuff, personal life stuff on me, money stuff, all kinds of shit happening... but also great things, new beginnings, new songs, new visions...and a great tour !! It was pure love.

The last song we´re doing now is called " Stay Away From My Universe " , and the pic above goes for another track I love, "Broken doll " , or was it " Lost " as a demo name.... tells about people getting in trouble because of too much love, insecurity and freedom, what else... grr... Or now when I think about it, maybe we should make her a " Demolition Doll" instead ...maybe she refuses to be broken, maybe she gets up and hits back...well see....= )

But we´re fine, all is cool, getting there....

Henkka is surfing the net for boobs, Klasu sleeping and Tomi at work , me drinking too much coffee, the basic boogie. Finland is cold and snowy, as usual.

But it is beautiful out there. I go walking on the lake every night, it is so quiet. You can almost hear the fish swimming under your feet.

Take care
be good
but not too good
love and om for all


By the way:
I´m singing some cover stuff in Amadeus on 10th Feb with Vince ; Vaya Con Dios and other "Latin" stuff, and some other stuff on 19 th in Rooster. There will be Skunk Anansie, Garbage and Four Non Blondes coming....maybe some Faith No More Too , we´ll see.