Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Broken Barbies - Tour press release



Finnish Female Fronted Rock-Metal Tour kicks a rocking start for year 2010!

For Selena and Sin, Manzana and Teardown will be touring Europe in January.

The package brings a breeze from various metal genres without forgetting 100% rock attitude!

FOR SELENA AND SIN is with no doubt one of the future major names in the scene of female fronted metal bands. Performing an unique mixture of metal, rock and pop, FSAS have had their distinctive sound right from the beginning. In 2007 For Selena and Sin recorded their debut album Overdosed on You. After the album being released, the Selena’s wasted no time getting on the road. Intensive touring through Finland, Europe and Russia made sure the band became known by the big public. Finnish Melancholic Rockers will release their second album Primrose Path in Europe, right after the tour, on 25th of January 2010.

HYPERLINK "http://www.myspace.com/forselenaandsin" www.myspace.com/forselenaandsin

HYPERLINK "http://www.mascotrecords.com" www.mascotrecords.com

MANZANA is a rock metal band from Tampere, the working- class, industrial center of Finland. Band combines heavy guitars with punky rock vocals , but also gothically darkened Bon Jovi- melodies, ice -cold loops and touching lyrics are there. Debut album “Nothing whole as a broken heart” went on Finnish album Chart on position #24 and second album “Babies of Revolution” on position #26. Manzana has toured Finland, Europe and Baltic countries several times, and they are well known as a madly energetic live performers.

Manzana will release their third album “Industrial Hippies” on February 2010. First single and video "Everything but You" will be released for the European fans just before the tour.

HYPERLINK "http://www.myspace.com/manzanaband" www.myspace.com/manzanaband

HYPERLINK "http://www.dynamicartsrecords.com" www.dynamicartsrecords.com

TEARDOWN is ready for it´s first visit in foreign countries with many complimented demo reviews. The messenger of depressive metal was founded in the beginning of this century and had released three EPs. The latest, called "Cyanotic" was chosen for the Demo of the month in various metal magazines. Teardown gigs are usually considered well planned, atmospheric and heavy at the same time. Along with gigging, the band has been preparing material for the upcoming debut album that is so far without publisher.

HYPERLINK "http://www.myspace.com/teardownband" www.myspace.com/teardownband

Don’t miss a show in your town!


06.01.2010 Ballroom - Hamburg (Germany) support A Million Miles

07.01.2010 Bikers Café - Lübeck (Germany) support A Million Miles

08.01.2010 Club Amnesie - Berlin (Germany) support Kultasiipi

09.01.2010 Rock Club Strojovna - Hradec (Czech Republic) support 1st Choise

10.01.2010 Exit Chmelnice - Praha (Czech Republic) support 1st Choise

11.01.2010 Bunkr - Praha (Czech Republic) support 1st Choise

12.01.2010 Club Madness - Wroclaw (Poland) support

13.01.2010 Alaus Namai - Vilnius (Lithuania)

14.01.2010 Roxy Club - Klaipeda (Lithuania)

15.01.2010 Club Depo - Riga (Latvia) support

16.01.2010 Rockiklubi - Valga (Estonia)



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