Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Jossu & Angel = )

Tomi Angel & Sverd
Klasu & Piritta

We had a great tour with Bare Infinity and For Selena!!! Thank you everyone again!! Of course the audience especially =)

In Katse we lost lights during the show, and in Jämsä some people got taken away by an ambulance...huhuu...and some people happened to wake up in the wrong city with no intention of being there hehehe. But anyway, gigs were good, =) . Our lovely Greek friends also got into the Finnish drinking business with a great talent, and at Inferno by Saturday everyone was having the ball of the year, including us and Jyväskylä boys & Me and Annika hehehe. I also have to mention, that Angel- Enkeli-Perkele, covered Arch Enemy as a surprise on Tampere gig, and I swear that some people actually crapped their pants hehehe. She´s awesome.

We´re back in business now, back to studio, and next week we will take new promopics... and next sunday we will also shoot a video for the first single...so it´s pretty hectic , but happy =) . We also have to think of some halloween stuff next week, what shall we dress like in Latvia!!! heheheee. The info on Latvian Halloween shows on 30 the and 31 st October is below. ..it´s going to be cool = D .

Take care people

keep on rockin =)


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