Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We´re back from the tour.... I´m still a bit messed up in my head, so I try to write the tour diary in a near future when my brain starts working again heheh. It´s the age you know, I´m not a teenager anymore!!  But it was great fun, we had a real good group together in a bus, and that is more than important cause it could get ugly in a small space  if there is any tension...But Selena guys are fun and nice, and Annika is also very sweet, and we got to know Unshine pretty well too. A Million Miles turned out to be really great people, and we had some huge moshing fun at Reeberbahn Metal bars !!! Respect! hehehe

We got very expensive tickets at the Swiss border,  our bus broke down in a deep middle of a Lithuanian countryside by tons of liquids floating on the bus floor....our navigator and x-box got stolen in Germany....we got some strange viruses attackin us and got everyone bruised, some talking with the police  ect.  heheh. But nothing serious, luckily. Basic boogie. 

I have been sick ever since I got home, and try to work on things....we should make some new plans again.... for the future...for tourss.....I LOVE IT let´s do it again!

I want to thank EVERYONE we met on the road, all the friends and fans and bookers, helpers, drivers and other bands and  EVERYONE , It was pure love and pure energy to rock with you guys,  and it will be pure love in the future too!  And most of all we want to thank  all of you who were there in the audience to make it ALL worth every second,  by singing our songs and moshing to their tune !!! =) We love you. 

All yours


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