Monday, November 17, 2008

Read the interviews of Henri and Piritta

on Portuguese GATES OF METAL  ( PORTUGAL ) 
 on Finnish NOISE 

Also album review at IMPERIUMI
Hello dear folks! We have been busy promoting & doing gigs with the new songs, the set is slowly but surely starting to melt into one.... It is bit unbalanced feeling, when other songs you have played a million times, and others not, and it takes time to feel how to put then in right order when mixed together! But now it starts feeling like a set again, and we are feeling great and having a lot of fun onstage. We played in Jyväskylä on saturday, at Katse, and it was very very funny, since in the middle of the gig there was two naked men up on stage with us playing "air guitars "! The other one forgot his underwear so if you are missing something contact us !!! We also had a little party in the bus, I don..t know what happened, and we ended up singing all Chili Peppers songs and driving Tomi crazy since he was driving heh. We also had a visiting mixer guy, thanks Isokoski and hello to Raahe ! The first snow I saw this year, came down on the way home sunday morning! Whoaa! I love it =) Next week we play at Ikaalinen, and then Pärnu Estonia and Riga ,Latvia. We are also dying to get the dates for Germany ect. Soon...
Take care!!
Busy busy but happy

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Jenny said...

Good interview! Fun!I love your dress too, Pritta