Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pics from Panda Girl Shoot

                                               Henkka and Piritta  (Pics Kaisa Sinkkonen )
                                              Klasu in the groove
                                                 Our new drummer Tomi !

We shot some live stuff for the possible forthcoming Panda Girl video at Amadeus bar last tuesday. We dragged some lights into the good old bar, ofcourse, Panda Girl couldn´t be shot anywhere else, since the song happens there. Panda Girl is about a girl ,who comes a long way to this little bar looking for a boy he´s kissed once; long ago and far away..." Wait for the one, who´s never gonna come- But miracles- they never come when you wait. " And he never comes, and she never leaves... But at least she followed her heart. So sad, and romantic...
Heh , now I sound like an old witch  in a tower, which I probably am!
We are so doomed to seek, for something we can never have. *sigh* But we can at least enjoy while looking...... =)

We´ve been busy all around elsewhere too, played at Hämeenlinna Rocktown last week, then Helsinki with Katra, and also at Elsurock at Klubi, Tampere on tuesday. I´ve been around doing interviewes and stuff, so we´re doing just good ! Hope you guys are great too,and are surviving the darkening season....

Wednesday, Radio Extreme, I talk about Manzana stuff at Rockrepubliken
9 pm

take care!

Hugs from Finland...It´s seriously starting to get cold again, I´m afraid. Argh...


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