Friday, May 30, 2008

Studio Diary & Hello dear friends!

Sun has taken over Finland and all of us pale Finns are bound to take out our shades and hats and hide !
But luckily sun don..t shine in the basement where we work, so we don..t have that problem...*sigh* Would it be possible to write songs in a room WITH windows has been in my mind sometimes. Would the light be heard in songs?Dangerous, dangerous toughts...heh

We had a few weeks break from recordings , just to take care of stuff in our other lives , but for the last two weeks been back to business. Yesterday morning I rode my bike to the studio at 9 am, as usual, and we worked on a song called Panda Girl. It is a poppy and heartbroken song....well, that sounds just like all of our songs as a description so l leave it.But I..m really starting to like it!
Heikki came in at 2 to practise, all good mooded with a reason. Diablos new album " Icaros" was on album chart number 2 ! That..s so great! Congrats guys!

What..s going on with Manzana...
Our new single End Of The World video was premiered on Yle Musiikki Tv on in the end of April, and we also have a couple of gigs coming up in two weeks... working on the album release tour & gigs , planning covers ect. and we still have some stuff to record.I want to get on gigs! Come on! Soon, Piritta, Soon =)

It..s been strange not to play live for a few months, but now we have to put up a new set with some new songs for Jyväskylä on June 14 th, and all excited on testing how the new stuff works live. We..ll get more on the road after the new album release in August, but Henkka and Heikki will be in the bus with Diablo all summer.

Klasu..s been doing great too; he played the basses on most songs last week, and he..s also been helpful with some singing stuff for me, since he ..s a singer himself. So there will be his voice heard more on the new album too, in backgrounds and some other parts too.

By the way; he said he..s going to cut his hair short! All friends plese- go now to his myspace and tell him not to! He won..t listen to us heh.

Take care and enjoy summer!
Let the apple cider be with us and save us from the heat...



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